Terms of service

1. General Provisions.

1.1 We do not receive any of your personal data that you enter in the applications hosted in the FlekSt0re  ("Service").

1.2 The Service is not responsible to you or third parties for any changes, price changes, suspension or termination of service.

1.3 By accepting the Terms of Use you understand that FlekSt0re uses third-party providers and hosting services to provide the necessary software, respectively, you agree with all the risks possible when storing, transmitting and using your information.

1.4 You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or use any services of the Service.

1.5 The service does not guarantee that the support service will meet your specific requirements; the service will be uninterrupted, timely, safe or error-free; the results that can be obtained by using the service will be accurate or reliable, the quality of any products, services, information or other materials purchased by you or received by you will meet your expectations, and any errors in the Service will be corrected.

1.6 You clearly understand and agree that the Service is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental damages resulting from the use of the Service, data transmission, when paying for services on FlekSt0re.

1.7 The Terms of Use govern your use of the Service, replacing any previous agreements between you and FlekSt0re (including but not limited to any previous versions of the Terms of Use). Questions about the Terms of Use should send to our email.

2. Using premium access.

2.1 The Service can not influence in any way and is not responsible for the revokes of certificates from Apple. In case of blocking the certificate, a refund is not made, but if the subscription was paid less than six months ago, users have the option of 1 free subscription renewal. In this case, application signature will be produced during 14 days from the date of renewal. If certificate will be blocked again, the subscription was paid less than six months ago and 1 free subscription renewal was used, only paid renewal will be available at a discounted price of $ 3.99

2.2 If the certificate was revoked, and users paid for a subscription more than six months ago, then free recovery, as well as preferential recovery for $3.99, are not available. It is possible to restore the certificate only at a reduced price of $11.99. In this case, the subscription period is 1 year from the date of the last renewal.

2.3 Premium access is valid only for 1 device from which payment was made. If you want to use the applications on another device, you must re-pay the premium access on the new device.

2.4 When you change the device premium access is not transferred to the new.

2.5 The composition of applications can change: some can be added, and some can be removed.

2.6 Modified application clients may differ from their counterparts in the AppStore. For example, some network functions or push notifications may not work.

2.7 FlekSt0re developers are not developers of all applications presented on the site, the Service deals only with their signature. Accordingly, the Service is not responsible for the full performance of applications.

2.8 By accepting the Terms of Use you understand and agree that the functionality of the applications may change over time.

2.9 FlekSt0re does not work with beta operating systems. We strongly recommend that you do not use beta versions and wait for the official release. Service will not refund money in case of problems with installation or use of applications on beta versions of operating systems 

3. Payment, refunds.

3.1 To activate the device, you need to pay a premium access to this device.

3.2 The activation of the device occurs instantly, but in some cases it may take 7 days from the moment the funds are received by the Service.

3.3 By purchasing FlekSt0re premium access, you agree that we can stop your premium access at any time without notifying you about it. If any suspicious activity is noticed on your account, it can be immediately blocked and the premium access canceled.

3.4 When paying for services provided in the Service, third-party services are used, therefore, additional fees may be charged by banks for certain payment methods.

3.5 Users cannot receive a refund if the performance of the application does not meet their requirements.

3.6 Users cannot receive a refund if Apple revoked certificate.

4. Blocking account.

4.1 Your account in the Service may be blocked:

- Due to insults, obscene expressions to other users or developers.
- Due to spam.
- Due to suspicious actions, connecting multiple devices belonging to different people.
- For any other reason at the discretion of the Service administration.

4.2 The term of blocking is determined at the discretion of the Service administration.